Linking Lives

Linking Lives is an intergenerational strategy put in place bridge the gaps between generations in our community, it targets any Generational stereotyping and discriminations. Funded by the Methodist Circuit. This project has been a great success and been a good example to all other intergenerational projects going on around the U.K, it has been evaluated by The Beth Johnson Foundation who are looking for really good national intergenerational practice.

Some of the projects have involved a professional film crew coming in and making a series of short films. The first film was titles 'Role Reversal.' Which was shot at Chatsworth and a local Cafe, the idea was to teach each generations about each stereotype them swap the roles around. This helped each generation understand more about stereotyping each other. The second film is titled 'District 56,' based on the same film ideas as 'Dictrict 9' only instead of aliens there is old people that have been segregated from their communities. This film starts as a Drama / Mockumentary then as the characters decide what actions to take to integrate the older generation back into the community the film changes into a documentary. The documentary follows the Linking Lives Group around different planned events interviewing both generations, and coming up with new ideas to break down these stereotypes. This film ends with a intergenerational rap style music video written and performed by the young people at The Drop Inn.

'You're Living in the wrong time Lad'

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