The Frankenstein Sound System was created over the space of a year as part of the 'safe rave' project.

It started as a 400 watt P.A system, which was originally brought for us to use at events and for other projects. The P.A System rapidly grew to a 1600Watt Sound System, made out of old speakers found in dusty storage and jack leads from our guitars. It's slapped together appearance, and underground sound quality earned it the name 'FRANKENSTEIN.' The First generation of Frankenstein stayed the same for the first 6 pilot 'safe raves.' We won a National Award for the 'Safe rave' project which involved being given £1000 for future projects. It was agreed to invest the Award money back into the project that won in and improve it's service. This investment saw Frankenstein put on more weight and evolve into the second generation. The dusty bass speakers were replace along with the rest on the system which followed closely after. With this huge change Frankenstein also became well known in the community with his own brand identity. Currently Frankenstein weighs 3.5kw and is a major part of the success of the Drop Inn Venue.

If you want to see more of Frankenstein why don't you follow him on facebook by becoming a fan of his page:
'Frankenstein Sound System' Facebook Fanpage


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