Here are some of the Unique Projects we have ran which have inspired other people.

U.V Interactive Graffiti wall - Our inspiring U.V graffiti wall was a project we ran in 2008. It started with a graffiti project to cover the plain warehouse walls. The Old walls had got some graffiti on, but it was a lot of names of people who had moved on, so the artwork as good as it was didn't mean much to the new generation of Young People. It was decided that when the new generation re-paint the wall we stick by the rule, 'No Names, No Tags, Just inspiration!' This got the Young People thinking and doodling idea's down on paper. Once everyone was confident enough, We all started on the wall, which didn't take long to cover. Once covered it was then decided to start a 2nd face to the wall that you could only see under U.V light. Currently our Graffiti wall has a Normal face, Blue light Face which highlights only the primary U.V colours, a U.V face which is invisible until the U.V lights are on, and a Glow in the Dark face which activates once the normal lighting has charged it up. We are at present looking for more funding or sponsorship to maintain and eventually expand this Unique project.

SYC (Skate Youth Collective) - One of our exciting features is a 20 foot indoor skate ramp. It was build and design by the young people and staff at The centre over the Christmas period. The half pipe is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3.5 tall. It's a brilliant mini ramp. The difference between normal skate ramps and this one is ... ours breaks down into 4 parts, it flips round to make a stage for bands and DJ's with the ramp transitions acting as shelving for our sound system, lights and smoke machine for live events. It has also been used as partitions to divide the room into smaller areas. We have used the curved features to exhibit art work and information displays at other events.

LED Sound Reactive Stools - We use these LED sound reactive schools to teach drumming for the hearing impaired. The stools are designed with a sensitive mic inside which controls a light sequence. As you drum the stool your sat on dances through the sequence of lights, if you complete the same rhythm and number of beats the stool will visually follow and land on the same colour. It works and it's a lot of fun.

Flip-Room (Games to Education Board room) We are designing our Games room that houses the pool table and one console terminal to have backwards capability to covert to a education room. Divide your Game Play with your game plan. Opening 2013 end.


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